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Signal Dynamics – Back-off Light Flasher

by Roger Coelho

What you need:

  • Socket Wrench (10mm)
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Razor Blade
  • Soldering Iron (of course solder too)
  • Electrical tape

Ease of install: This is a pretty easy install especially if you have smaller fingers (I do not). I chose to install it in the tightest place possible because I did not feel like tracing the correct wires. This install places the unit in the taillight assembly. It is possible to install under the seat as well.

Step One: Removal of Tail Light Assembly

You are going to get dirty here. With a 10mm Socket wrench reach behind the rear fender and loosen the three nuts. A ¼ should be enough and than hand remove the nuts. See picture for a bolt layout.

Make sure you grab all the washer that will fall out. You will have three flat washers (on the top) and three hole-washers that will fall to the floor from the bottom.

Reach underneath the fender and push the wires through (pushing the rubber washer out) to give you some play.

Step Two: Cut and Strip the Red Wire…no the Green Wire

Thanks to the Mods and Tech website for the wiring diagram on this one. I did not have to trace the wires. Cut the Green/Yellow Stripe wire in the middle. Strip both ends. I uses a razor to strip the wire, but if you have small strippers feel free to use them. It is tight in there, but do-able with minimal skills.

Remove the electrical tape around the wires.

Step Three: Connections

Follow the diagram in the instructions and solder the red cable to wire coming out of the fender and solder the other wires together. Tape everything up. Test the unit.

Step Four: Assembly

Now like you are feeding bread into a toaster, slide the unit into the void at the top of the tail light assembly. It fits real nicely. See pic. Sorry it is out of focus, but it was really dark in my garage.

Tape the unit securely in place, and re-assemble the taillight assembly. Make sure everything fits snug without force before tightening the nuts.

See attached AVI file for the flash pattern.

Disclaimer: Any person who decides to perform any of the above listed modifications, does so at their own risk.
The Sabre Group does not claim any responsibility for damage to your motorcycle or individual.