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Barnett Clutch

Installation of Barnett Clutch Disk & Plates for the Honda Shadow Sabre.

By: Mel "Dogbrother"

Barnett Performance Products sells a complete kit for the Shadow Sabre. If you can't find the kit you can buy the parts individually.

  • Barnett Complete Kit 303-45-10043
  • Clutch Cover Gasket (Honda Part #): 199344-001
  • Friction plates: 301-35-10014 (Qty 9 )
  • Tempered Steel Metal Plates: 401-35-078002 (Qty 8 )
  • Spring Kit: 501-63-05014
  • Clutch Cover Gasket (Honda Part #): 199344-001

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Drain oil and remove lower exhaust pipe. Next remove the clutch cover.
Loosen pressure plate springs. Loosen them evenly in 2 or 3 steps.
Remove clutch pushrod
Here is the stock clutch pack. You will notice the first and last disks are black and the others are brown. That's very important if your installing a stock clutch again.
Here is the empty clutch basket..... now your ready for installation of the new clutch. I chose a Barnett clutch. Prices were the same is I went to hondapartsamerica or through Phatsperformanceparts. The stealer wanted 280.00 for it and honda parts wanted 190.00 and phats wanted 185.00 go figure.
Here is the comparison between a Barnett disk and a Stock disk with 45,000 miles.
Its recommended by Barnett that you soak the plates for 5 to 10 min before installation. I started soaking mine before I started disassembly

Installation of Barnett clutch disk.

Installation of Barnett clutch plates.
Pressure plate in place with springs being installed.
Torque pressure plate to 9 ft lbs.
Install clutch cover, removing the old gasket and replacing with the new one. A razor blade may help in removing the old gasket.

Install the lower exhaust pipe with new gasket and fill with fresh oil and adjust your clutch free play before you start it.

My initial reaction was WOW what a difference in feel on the clutch lever. After I took the bike out and gave it a bit of a break in period I was ready to get on it. All I can say I'm very satisfied with the new clutch

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