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Carb Pilot Screw Hole Plug

Low Cost Fix to prevent loss of Mixture Screw

BY Rocketman and Mecha
Rocketman - If you drilled out your A/F mixture screws plugs and don't want to run the risk of losing the $26.00+ mixture screws from the carbs, plus the hassle of ordering and trying to find one, then here is a simple fix. Go to the local hardware store like Home Depot and pick up a couple of these Nylon Hole Plug for 1/4" Hole. Price is 35 each and you will need two. The picture does not show up well but the plug has sides that make the plug fit snugly in the hole. Just use a small flat blade screwdriver to pry the nylon plug out if you need to do an adjust.

Nylon Covers

Mecha - I have seen where others use silicone, rubber stoppers, nylon, or whatever to cover the A/F Screws after you adjust them. Here is my fix. I got all the parts at Home Depot for 2.08 in the hardware isle in one of the small parts drawers. Just some small steel zinc plated covers.

Zinc Plated Steel Covers

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