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Garage Door Opener

Hidden Garage Door Opener for Honda Shadow Sabre

by Greg "Rocketman" Belcastro

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Here the parts and tools used to make the hidden Garage Door Opener. Radio Shack Button, Genie Garage Door Opener, some small wire, Velcro Industrial Strength, wire connectors, Sabre's left side cover and some shrink tubing.
Radio Shack SPST Momentary Pushbutton Switch part number 275-644
Genie Garage Door Opener
Remove the screw holding the Genie opener together and gently pry apart.
Pull the circuit board out and determine which leads are used for Genie's button to complete the circuit and open the garage door. In this picture the two top and two bottom are used by the button.
Measure out enough wire to reach from the back of the side cover to the font of the cover and add a few extra inches. Strip and attach wires to the button using pins that will complete the circuit when the button is pressed as determined in the above instruction. I could have used either top pins for one wire and either bottom pin for the bottom wire.
Now solder these wires. Be careful not to get solder on the metal switch housing. That would cause the circuit to be closed always. Don't want that.
Put some shrink tube on the wire and solder the other end of the wires to the button. Does not matter which wire goes on which connector. Melt the shrink tube to help protect the button.
Make a notch in the cover of the Genie opener for the wire to come out when the openers case is closed. Put the case back together. Put the battery back in and test the unit using the Radio Shack button. It should open and close the garage door when pressed. If it does not or it works as soon as the battery is put in then check your soldering.
Now cut the wire about three inches below the button. Determine where you want the button and drill a hole in the left side cover just big enough for the button. I wanted the button hidden so I mounted it where I could easily reach it while seated on my bike but hidden under the seat.
Remove the buttons nut and push the button into the hole you made. Slide the wire through the buttons nut and secure the button to the side cover.
Picture of the button, shrink tubing and wire mounted in the left side cover.
Use Velcro Industrial Strength, which is weather proof, to mount the Genie opener to the Sabre's Side Cover.
Cut and stick the Velcro to cover the Genie opener's bottom side. Don't cover the battery opening but get as much coverage as you can. Stick the other piece of Velcro to the underside of the side cover. Look at this picture and the following pictures for placement.
Using some screw on wire connectors re-connect the wires from the Genie opener to the buttons wires. Now if you have to replace the button or the opener you just remove these wire connectors.
Attach the Genie opener to the side cover using the Velcro.
Your hidden garage door opener attached to the side cover and ready to mount back on the Sabre. You may have to make other adjustments and modifications depending on your brand of garage door opener.
Side cover mounted on bike. You can just see the button at the back of the side cover.

Disclaimer: Any person who decides to perform any of the above listed modifications, does so at their own risk.
The Sabre Group does not claim any responsibility for damage to your motorcycle or individual.