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Inexpensive Driving Lights

Driving Lights for around 20 bucks

For more details visit post #10521.1 on TSGForum.

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JGHALL - The lights came from Optronics Inc. I used the Competition Series Model # QH-7CC that I found them at my local Advanced Auto Parts. They were only 20 bucks, and the install was about an hour. I used a switched relay, and wired them so they would come on when you turn the key on. They are 50w each halogen lamps. They are chrome and about 2 7/8" in diameter. And they are seriously bright.
Lights mounted on Sabre
Here's another pic, lights on.
A close-up of mounting bracket
Here's an explanation of the relay I used. Terminal 86 "Trigger" should be wired to a switched power source. That is no power with ignition switch off, and power with ignition switch on. terminal 87 goes to the power wire for the lights. terminal 85 to ground (frame) and terminal 30 to fused power from the battery.

The particular tie in that I used was in the white junction box under the tank. Remove the cover, and there is a single blue/white stripe wire with a bullet type connector. There are two other single bullet connector type wires in there but they are a different color, and are not switched power wires. The blue/white stripe is switched power ( I verified this with a VOM). The relay is a standard automotive type auxillary lighting relay available at most any auto parts store or all Radio Shack locations. Just ask for an Auto Relay. I picked mine up at Auto Zone, it is on the rack where the electrical stuff is.

I also routed all the wires up to that white junction box and put the relay in there as well. It fits perfectly if you clip the mounting tab off.

SKOOTCH - I mounted the same driving lamps as you did... except I got a 3/4 inch "L" section from Home depot driled a hole and mounted to the fan cover screw. Lights, came with all the wiring, fuses, and relay followed the wiring diagram.... mounted a switch one inch away from the ignition switch. I use them when I want to see and be seen. But can turn off when I ride inside a pack.
TREVOR - I went with the lights mounted on L brackets. I just attached them to the turn signal bar mount.
DALPH07 - It wasn't that bad after I figured where I was going to wire things to/from. I also used the flat black driving lights from Wally World for $14.95 and went with the 1" conduit hangers from Home Depot (Lowe's didn't have the 1" hangers, just 3/4 or 1 1/4 inch hangers). I did have to cut down the bolts that attached the lights to the Conduit hangers about 1/2 inch and also drill out the holes that those bolts would go through them on the conduit hangers. I put the relay under the tank in that white plastic container that holds all the other wires. I also removed the clip on the relay so there was enough room for it to fit in there. I used the blue/white wire to to trigger the relay to switch the lights off when starting the bike like the headlight goes off. I also attached a switch to turn off the lights manually if I wanted them off(I leave the lights off till after I get the bike warmed up then switch them on). If I forget, the switched relay from the blue/white wire will shut them off while starting. I mounted the lights as suggested from RedSabre (LONESTAR7) on the turn signal bars on the black rubber spacer. I used white vinegar on the hangers and painted them black. During installation, some of the black paint came off and I need to touch them up a little. They work great and people do seem to notice me more (the 55 watt lights do shine and readjusting the headlight didn't hurt either!). I also used a hot wire from the battery, fused of course, for power. I also ended up running a ground wire from the battery for my ground wire both wrapped up with shrink tubing to make it look more professional. While I was at it, I added a acessory plug to the left molding in front of the gas tank to power a Garmin GSP V. I figured while I had everything off the bike why not go ahead and do it. We got these two things done but ran out of time for the 4 way flasher mod to be done. I've got all the parts and just have to figure where I'll put the switch. That shoudn't take very long to do when we get around to it. ALL THIS was possible to the friendly bikers of TSG. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I'll tell ya. If I can do it, (with your help) anybody can do it.
JWSCOTT - The only difference is that i used 1 1/2 inch L brackets and mounted them to the same bolts that mount the turn signal bar. Very simple.

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