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How to tell if you bike has been Re-Jetted
by: John (cyclejohn50) - Feb 2, 2013

How to tell if you bike has been Re-Jetted:
The only way to know what your jetting set-up is would be to pull the carbs and open them up. With the float bowls off you can read the #'s on the slow and main jets without removing them from the body. If it has been rejetted with a Dynojet kit then you will also need to pull the vacuum pistons out and remove the needle retention cap to see which slot the clip is set in. If you're going that far to check on things then you may as well check the free length of the vacuum piston tension springs and that will help you determine if it is stock or aftermarket (stock springs are longer than jet kit springs).

If the needle has multiple slots in it on the blunt end then it is not stock.

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