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Jetting basic starter information
by: Greg Belcastro (Rocketman) - Feb 2, 2013

This is basic starter information for anyone wanting to Re-Jet their Shadow Sabre. This information has been developed over time from members contributions on the TSG forum. The following information is a good, proven, starting setup for the Sabre bike. You may find that you need to do some more fine-tuning to get your bike to run the way you want. For more technical help be sure to post your questions on the TSG Forum.

  • Dynojet Kit (Recommended Kit) - Dynojet Jet Kit:1100 cc HON 00-07 VT1100 SABRE SKU 1186 (US Shadow Sabres Only). Slow Jets are not included in this kit and must be ordered separately.
  • Clean the carbs up. Check for cracks in rubber parts. Replace any damaged/deteriorated parts
  • Main Jets: 165 Front / 170 Rear / Clip on 3rd notch from blunt
  • Slow Jets: #48 if using aftermarket exhaust (not in Dynojet kit, you must buy these separately)
  • Slow Jets: #45 if using stock exhaust (not in Dynojet kit, you must buy these separately)
  • When adjusting Pilot Screws be sure that you LIGHTLY seat them by turning the Pilot Screws clockwise until they just seat. If you over-tighten the Pilot Screws you will damage the needles.
  • Pilot screws: 1.5 turns out (counter clockwise) from lightly seated, if you are using #48 slow jets (adjust if needed)
  • Pilot screws: 3.25 turns out (counter clockwise) from lightly seated, if you are using #45 slow jets (adjust if needed)
  • Float level: 9.2mm
  • Check for cracks in Carb Boots. Replace boots if necessary.
  • Make sure the carbs are seated correctly in the carb boots and the carb boot clamps are all nice and tight.
  • Inspect the Sub Air Filter. It's probably deteriorated so replace it. The Sub Air Filter is located in a small rectangular box in front of the front cylinder carb.
  • Put in a K&N Air Filter - K&N HA-1187 Honda High Performance Replacement Air Filter
  • Use 87 Octane Regular Gas - The Sabre is a low compression engine, Premium fuel is for high compression engines. 87 octane is what is recommended by Honda for this bike.
    Note that when you see 91 RON as the recommended fuel for this bike, it is important to know that 91 RON = 87 Octane.
  • Put in new NGK DPR7EA-9 Spark Plugs. Don't waste your money on more expensive plugs.
  • Sync the carbs
  • Once again make sure the airbox boot and all the carb boots are seated correctly and the clamps are tight. You do not want any air leaks.
  • Check the exhaust is torqued correctly and that there are no exhaust leaks.

My recommendation is to go with an aftermarket set of pipes. If money is tight sometimes you can find a used set for sale at a better price. I bought my Bub's from my local Honda dealer and they did not charge for shipping.

If you remove your exhaust be sure to always remove the old exhaust crush gaskets and replace with new ones.

Here are two sources for Slow Jets for the Sabre:
The aftermarket jets are just as good as the Keihin jets. Be sure to order a set of #48 and #45 jets so you can experiment with which size works best for you. You will need one slow jet for each carb.

Disclaimer: Any person who decides to perform any of the above listed modifications, does so at their own risk.
The Sabre Group does not claim any responsibility for damage to your motorcycle or individual.