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Larin lift adapter

Got a Larin Lift at Sam's club for $100 to work on my 2001 Honda Shadow Sabre (black... the fast color). The Sabre's engine hangs below the frame, so the flat top of the Larin doesn't work too well right out of the box. You can use a 1" board on the back jack arm and it's functional, but I wanted something a lot more stable.

There are a lot of modifications out there for the lift. Some of wood, some welded to the arms. I wanted something that would remove completely from the lift so it was still available for other projects.


  • Two 3' x 1 1/2" x 1/8" hunks of angle iron
  • One 3' x 1" Tube steel
  • Bright Red Rustolium! :)


  • Hacksaw (Eeek! or RotoZip with metal cutting wheels!)
  • Vice
  • Clamps
  • File (or RotoZip <-- very nice tool)
  • Welder (preferably with a guy that can weld attached to it)
  • Beer

We used a "chop saw" with a metal cutting wheel for most of the cutting, but a RotoZip or a hacksaw would work fine. Cut the angle iron into 2 @ 12 1/2" for the sides, and 2 @ 14" for the front and back pieces. Notch out the back piece 2 3/4" on each side to clear the Larin's lift arms. All corners get 45 angles on them.

I cut the tube steel risers 3" long but that's too high. There's about an 1 1/8" of clearance with the bottom of the engine so I'd go 2" or 2 1/8" to be safe. The longer you make them, the harder it is to get under the bike. At 3" I have to park the front wheel on a board to get under the engine case. Notch one end of each to accept a 2" piece of angle iron.

Clamp it all up and tack it into place. The notched plate goes toward the jack, the jack goes under the bike from the right side. The two risers toward the back of the bike should be 11 1/4" On Center and the front ones 11 1/2" OC. Tacking it is a good idea so you can test fit it before the final welds. I trimmed the two right side risers a bit, taking off about half of the inside V. This can be done after the fact to your liking. Mine got welded up a bit narrow so it was "adjusted" with a BFH (Big $^& Hammer). LOL

All set! Check the fit and trim/adjust as needed. You have to watch the radiator hose on the left side, and the shifter linkage. Clean up the welds, a coat of paint and it's ready to go. Some rubber pads where it meets the frame are nice. I wrapped mine in that "jack of all trades" helper... duct tape. (someone else that had don this mod used cut up chunks of inner tube from a bicycle. Good idea!)

(You get the beer you used to bribe the welder guy back later 'cause your lift still works on your buddies Dyna!)

Other jack mods:

"Printable" version...

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