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MC Highway Bars

Installation guide for use with Bub Big Willy Pipes

by "HeyYou"

The Kit

Approximately 3/8" of the support on the MC bar
(pipe side) needs to be cut off.

Cut off piece from support.
(editors note: This worthless hunk of chrome sold on E-Bay for $28!)

Remove front Big Willy.

Loosen bolt on existing rod. The stock rod is a long bolt that goes through the motor and the frame. The MC bolt has nuts on both sides.
After removing nut, tap the stock rod through and then use the new rod to continue pushing the old rod out.

While holding right side using someone else, use a socket (we used long 9/16") to push bushing back in on the left side.

Install the left side highway bar.

Check Clearance (pipe hits bolt. Not good)**

Measure the amount to be cut off.
This is how we determined how much needs to be cut off.

Cut off. (we used a Dremel.)

See the pretty sparks?

After cutting. Smooth surface then coat with Clear nail polish to help the chrome to not peel.

Install right highway bar. Tighten down leaving most of the thread exposed on the left side of the bike. (to be cut off after final assembly) Tighten some more. Check left side and right side. Make sure it is good and tight.

Re-install bub pipes.

Cut off the extra " to 1" bolt on the left side.

DONE! Estimated time 1 hours.

What it looks like from the back.

What it looks like from the right.

From the front

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