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Tank Sticker Removal

by ReCon (DIASTER)

AH HA..... I did it!!!!! The best Sabre mod yet and it cost...almost nothing.. Well around $25.00. I will post pictures soon.

I have the 2001 all black Sabre with the ugly Sabre Honda Shadow Sticker, no flames.

I have long since removed the warning decals... Well I decided I was going to repaint my tank. After removing the Sabre sticker, I decided to tinker around a bit and now you would never know a sticker was there. Scoot looks sweet, and I never even removed the tank!

I first put it in the sun and then I used a scalpel to get the edge up, I then used my fingernails to lift the sticker off. It was tough but it came off. Lots of glue left behind (picture 1)

After using Goo Gone and paint thinner, Goo Gone and a fingernail worked best. I also used a buffing wheel on a variable speed drill, "dense sewn" to pull some glue off, that worked pretty well too.

In picture number 1, I have sanded the entire area with 1500 wet and dry. Emphasis of course was on the raised clear coat edge. This part is the most tricky and takes patience. Worry about the ridge only, wet sand and then dry, exam and continue. This is important so you do not sand thru the paint. Use your sense of touch as well as sight on the surface.

In picture number 2 I have gone over the sanded are with the same wheel as before with rouge called Black Magic.

In number 3 I used same polish and a soft sewn wheel to get more shine and eliminate marks from before.

Finally in number 4, I used a polish on a soft wheel from a company that sold a product called dry "wash and guard" ultimate paint restorer. It is guaranteed not to burn paint. I believe the company is now called waterless car wash. It is blue colored liquid. Anyway these products are awesome, and will not scratch PERIOD! I use em on my 4x4 plastic trim, no scratches!!

I waxed the final result and you see that in the "after" Picture. I have had the bike for almost two years and no paint fade problem with this job.

This winter I will then have it all clear coated again for protection. I have put 700 miles on it since... no problems at all.

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Hey, I sanded and buffed out the my Sabre fuel tank decals today. The tank turned out great!!! My local NAPA parts store carried 3M brand products I used to make the fix.
For the rest of the forum, I used the following:

one sheet, 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

bottle, 3M #39001 Med. buffing compound.

bottle, 3M #39002 Fine buffing compound.

bottle, 3M #39109 swirl mark remover.

Thanks ReCon, your repair tips made the job easy.


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