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Kuryakyn Stirrups

Kuryakyn HD Stirrups Modified for Sabre

by Greg "Rocketman" Belcastro

NOTE: Kuryakyn now has Stirrups and Adapters to fit the Honda Shadow Sabre so there is no need to perform this modification.

These are the tools I used. Flat Bastard file, drill with 21/64" 8.3mm Cobalt bit, big open end adjustable wrench and alan wench (came with stirrups). Recommended tools would be vise and some kind of power grinder.
I bought the Kuryakyn part number 8086 5/8" Female ISO-Stirrups with Small ISO-Pegs.
There is no modification done to the stock Sabre mount. All modification is done only to the Kuryakyn mount. Using a Flat Bastard File I carefully removed metal from both the top and bottom of the Kuryakyn Stirrups mount. The curved side of the Kuryakyn mount goes into the Sabre's stock mount first.
Keeping the file flat, file away until the mount slides into the Sabre's peg mount. Try and file the same amount on the top and bottom of the mount. File and test and keep filing and testing until you have a nice fit. Remember you can take metal away but you can't put it back. The red lines show how much of the mount needs to also be flattened. (about 1/4") Your goal is to have a nice fit and the Kuryakyn's mounts holes lined up perfectly with the Sabre's mounts holes.
Here is the stock peg compared with the Kuryakyn peg. The Kuryakyn small peg is about 1.5" longer and about the same diameter round.
Once you have a nice fit and the hole align perfectly take the power drill and enlarge the Kuryakyn's mounts hole to fit the Stock Sabre's pin. I used a 21/64" 8.3mm Cobalt bit.
Now mount the Stirrups using the Sabre's stock pin, spring, washer and cotter pin. The spring will work but the Stirrups are much heavier than the stock pegs so don't expect the springs to be of much use.
Here is the mount looking from the top.
The mount from another angle.
The Stirrups mounted on the Sabre. You can adjust the stirrup up and down. Have a friend sit on the bike and using a ruler adjust the stirrups on both sides to the same height.
The stirrups looking down towards them. The Kuryakyn pegs with stirrups will fold just like the stock pegs. You won't have as much travel as the stirrups will hit the pipes and engine but you have a lot of clearance before that will happen.

When your done you will have nice chrome pegs that are a bit different than what others have :-)

Disclaimer: Any person who decides to perform any of the above listed modifications, does so at their own risk.
The Sabre Group does not claim any responsibility for damage to your motorcycle or individual.