Sabre Tech & Modifications

Street-Rod Cool Twin-Plug Three-Valve Cylinder Heads Five-Speed Constant-Mesh Transmission Offset-Dual-Pin-Crankshaft Shaft Final Drive

Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

On Reserve

When you switch to reserve, open up the lock cover on the gas cap. Just flip it to expose the lock around as a reminder that I've switched to reserve.

Grip Glue

Take the grip off and spray some paint inside the grip (any color will work but I prefer black) then slid the grip back on. Be careful you donít drip any paint on the bike. Let it dry over night and the grip will be stuck.

Seat Logo

There is enough material on seat that you can remove part of staples in the back. Heat the seat with blow dryer and stretch until Honda lettering is on the bottom side. Then staple the material back down. If you do not feel good about doing take to a shop and have them do it for you. Cost should be about $20 or less for this job.

Bike Inspection 101

Check out your shaft drive filler cap. If you've messed with it, they tend to crack.

New Tires Warning!

New tires have a coating on them to help them slip out of the molds and protect the compounds from deterioration before they're used. It's called cosmoline. New chains are packed in it too. It makes new tires very slick 'till it's worn off! Take it easy on a new set of tires while they break in.

Indicator Swap

When putting on different risers and you can't see the turn indicator, swap the high-beam and the turn indicator locations. You wont miss the high-beam indicator in the daylight and should be able to see it glowing behind the bar when it gets dark enough and you need to know it's on. We'd rather get flashed for forgetting to dim lights, than get smoked because we don't have self canceling turn signals.

You can take a razorblade and slip it between the chrome rim and the rubber
on the triple tree (the lens will pop off) of the lights. Then pull the
light (connector) out from the back side of the triple tree (they are rubber
fixtures that fit through the holes) and arrange them as you wish.

No Screw Worries

Drilling out your idle mixture screws? Start with a 1/8 bit drill right in the center. Then take a 11/64 or 5/32 bit and drill through the hole should be just big enough to get a real small screw driver through. No need to pry out the whole cap and no fear of losing the needle screw.

You can look at the turn signal housing to check your blind spot

ISO Grips for the Sabre?

On the left side of your bike near the carb, there is a small bracket with two screws that holds the adjusters for the cables. Remove those two screws and let the bracket hang free. Then, remove and install your new throttle grip. Put the two screws back and adjust the tension in the cable because the stock sleeve and ISO sleeve are slightly different.

Save the cap!

New Sabre owner? Put a little caulk in the cap over the kick stand bolt before it falls off! (and it will!)

Checking oil

Here's my little trick on checking oil. Leave Sabre on kick stand. Unscrew dipstick, wipe dry put back in, but not screwed in. While standing on the right side of the bike, tip it toward you, to level, hold for a few seconds, then back to side stand. Pull the dipstick, check the level. It's easy, safe and no fear of it falling over.

Can't find an oil filter wrench? Try an old leather belt...

What Gear?

To check if your in 5th gear push up gently on the shifter with your foot without pulling in the clutch. If your in 5th gear the shifter will move up. If your in a lower gear it will not.

Handlebar Clamps

When you loosen the bar clamps, always loosen the bottom bolt first. Tighten the bottom last. (The top and bottom have different gaps built in!) Always remember that the "dot" on the clamp goes up!

Sidestand Spring Removal

Changing to the chrome Aero kickstand? Changing the spring is the toughest part. Try extending the kickstand, and sticking penny's into the spaces between the coils! Flip the stand back and the spring will fall right off.

Right Side Peg Plate

When putting the right side peg plate back on, put the bottom bolt through the brake pedal (make sure the spring is in place) and rotate it up to line up with the top hole. You won't have to fight the spring tension.

Boot to big to fit right? Try mohair socks. Warm and cool!

Stand Up Strait

Tote around an electrical junction box cover (.69 at Home Depot) to slide under kickstand to keep it from sinking into hot asphalt. Or two, in case you ride away and forget to pick up the first one.

Free Mods!

The most popular free modifications you can make to a new Sabre??

  1. Remove the tank stickers (hair dryer and Goo Gone ©)
  2. Remove the Seat Strap
  3. Increase the pre-load on the shocks! (Try "5")
  4. Taking the "Honda" logo off your stock seat. Carefully...with acetone.
  5. Adjust the headlamp.
  6. Polish the wheels (Blue Magic)
  7. Removal of the reflectors on the license plate frame. (Drill out weld)

Disclaimer: Any person who decides to perform any of the above listed modifications, does so at their own risk.
The Sabre Group does not claim any responsibility for damage to your motorcycle or individual.