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Alternate Vista Cruise Mounting

by Terry "mte" Eiland

Kevin's throttle lock ( has been the standard cruise control mount for the Sabre. There are alternatives...

This is the standard 7/8" Vista Cruise, drilled out to fit 1" bars, then mounted with an alternative "all thumb" angle. Neat!

"When researching locks on the forum, I didn't like hearing about having to install the Vista lock with the "trigger" in an awkward position. Per suggestions here, I bought one, enlarged the center to fit the handlebar, and then looked for a way to mount it more conveniently. This worked for me: On the bottom of the adjacent switch housing there is what I presume to be a drain hole. I used a 1/4 inch thread tap to tap some threads in this hole, and then used a very short bolt installed into these threads (with a little locktite) to hold the lock's "feet". I then drilled a small hole adjacent to provide a drain. This puts the "trigger" at perfect position to operate with your thumb. Mine works great."


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